Best 10 WW2 Collector’s Items From Last Week’s eBay Auction

October 22, 2012

This is the final of 3 posts catching up with the weekly Top 10 items in the category!

Click The Text Links To See What The Top Pieces Sold For
Item Title Click to See on eBay Bids Rank
*Shinto* WWII Japanese Officers Samurai Sword Nihonto Vet Bringback WW2 28 #10
Vintage WWII Leather Flight Jacket 19 #9
New!!! Nos Complete WWII US Type T-7 Camouflage Parachute K-2 Flying Suit 12 #8
Autographed Large WWII General George S Patton Jr Presentation Photo Mighty 1 #7
WWII USAAF A-2 Flight Jacket W/Painted Reverse ~ Aero Leather ~ Vet Estate Item 25 #6
WW2 Photos, German Aircraft & Factories 5 #5
Soviet Russian WWII Order of Kutuzov 3rd Class 22 #4
Rare Original Allach Porcelain Large Elephant Elefant 104 Prof Kaerner WW2 25 #3
WWII 82nd Airborne Jumpsuit Jacket 82nd Airborne PIR Normandy D-Day 2ND Pattern 19 #2
WW2 Japanese Yasukuni Shrine Sword Kotani Yasunori 26 5/8 1 #1

















































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