WWII Japanese Samurai Hot Finds

January 2, 2013

I barely feature so many swords in a week's auction. But last week is pretty different. For some reasons, I don't know why Japanese swords is hot for collectors. Find out why with some of the facts I have for you.

Dragon  Katanas are made from High Carbon Steel, and are razor sharp. Beautifully hand-crafted and balanced, this sword combines an intricately carved faux-ivory and a tempered 440 stainless steel to create a master reproduction. The highly detailed handle is highlighted with a shiny ruby-red inset and a stylized head of a dragon. The wave frosted blade is protected by a highly polished lacquered black scabbard. Measures 31" from dragon nose to top of blade. Finely detailed handguard, pommel and end- cap. 440 stainless steel blade.

Another one is Japanese WW II Army officer's officer's sword, hand forged gendai "Emura".  The blade is traditional hand forged, water tempered blade in old polish, shows tiny scraches but no rust, no stain and in good condition. The temper line is wavy gunome-choji temper pattern throughout the blade and has deep temper at the point.    The forging grain is tight itame-hada and no forging flaws at all.     There is no bend, no nicks, no crack and cutting edge is sharp. The scabbard is heavy metal scabbard shows aged lacquer loss but no dent, no bend and in good condition. The handle is tight fit, tsuka-ito wrapping is no loose, no cut. The tsuba and seppa are matched number 888 stamped.

Check out more stuffs below for great pieces from last week's auctions.

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Item Title Click to See on eBay
Bids Rank
Japanese WW II Army Officer's Officer's Sword, Hand Forged Gendai "Emura" 35 #10
Japanese WW II Army Officer's Sword in 98 Mountings, Gendai "Nagamitsu" 19 #9
1943 Original WWII B-3 Flight Bomber Leather Jacket US Army Air Forces 32 #8
WWII Japanese Naval Big Eye Navy Ship Binoculars 20x3 Clear Optics Rare No. 467 19 #7
Russian Soviet General Order Medal Group Suvorov, Nevsky, Red Banner 14 #6
German WWII Turret Mounted Scope 4x 9 #5
Rare Presentation Japanese WWII Army Samurai Sword Dragon on Blade Handmade 37 #4
Antique Japanese Sword Samurai Sword Tachi Sword Signed" Nobutada Saku"信忠" 17 #3
Huge Lot of 2000 WWII US Army Air Corps Photo Negatives 34 #2
Five Japanese Medals. 28 #



















































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