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WWII Japanese Samurai Hot Finds

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I barely feature so many swords in a week's auction. But last week is pretty different. For some reasons, I don't know why Japanese swords is hot for collectors. Find out why with some of the facts I have for you.

Dragon  Katanas are made from High Carbon Steel, and are razor sharp. Beautifully hand-crafted and balanced, this sword combines an intricately carved faux-ivory and a tempered 440 stainless steel to create a master reproduction. The highly detailed handle is highlighted with a shiny ruby-red inset and a stylized head of a dragon. The wave frosted blade is protected by a highly polished lacquered black scabbard. Measures 31" from dragon nose to top of blade. Finely detailed handguard, pommel and end- cap. 440 stainless steel blade.

Another one is Japanese WW II Army officer's officer's sword, hand forged gendai "Emura".  The blade is traditional hand forged, water tempered blade in old polish, shows tiny scraches but no rust, no stain and in good condition. The temper line is wavy gunome-choji temper pattern throughout the blade and has deep temper at the point.    The forging grain is tight itame-hada and no forging flaws at all.     There is no bend, no nicks, no crack and cutting edge is sharp. The scabbard is heavy metal scabbard shows aged lacquer loss but no dent, no bend and in good condition. The handle is tight fit, tsuka-ito wrapping is no loose, no cut. The tsuba and seppa are matched number 888 stamped.

Check out more stuffs below for great pieces from last week's auctions.

Click The Text Links To See What The Top Pieces Sold For
Item Title Click to See on eBay
Bids Rank
Japanese WW II Army Officer's Officer's Sword, Hand Forged Gendai "Emura" 35 #10
Japanese WW II Army Officer's Sword in 98 Mountings, Gendai "Nagamitsu" 19 #9
1943 Original WWII B-3 Flight Bomber Leather Jacket US Army Air Forces 32 #8
WWII Japanese Naval Big Eye Navy Ship Binoculars 20x3 Clear Optics Rare No. 467 19 #7
Russian Soviet General Order Medal Group Suvorov, Nevsky, Red Banner 14 #6
German WWII Turret Mounted Scope 4x 9 #5
Rare Presentation Japanese WWII Army Samurai Sword Dragon on Blade Handmade 37 #4
Antique Japanese Sword Samurai Sword Tachi Sword Signed" Nobutada Saku"信忠" 17 #3
Huge Lot of 2000 WWII US Army Air Corps Photo Negatives 34 #2
Five Japanese Medals. 28 #

















































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Top World War II Hot Memorabilia

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ymca Victory Liberty Loan Bond Posters is a really neat World War II item.  This poster is a representation of the Second Liberty Bond between the people of United States and the government. The liberty bond is the investment any American can contribute for the freedom of the United States during the times of conflict dating back to the early 20th century. It is a war bond that supported the men who were fighting for victory in the war and at the same time a symbol of financial security among the citizens. The loan offered a four percent interest which was redeemable for ten years. Subscribing to the war bond is a sign of patriotism.

Another item which is also of great value is the US WWII M1 Helmet - Original Medic Helmet! It is a one of the historical relics which is very difficult to be found nowadays. This medic helmet is approximately thirty years in age. It is one hundred percent original and untouched battle field relic. This historical piece has been found in Arlon, a Walloon Municipality under the Province of Luxembourg, in the country of Belgium. The M1 fixed bails steel helmet contains the desirable Geneva symbols of the US Medical Corps. It also has a symbol of Red Cross in uncommon white square. Another extraordinary feature of the said helmet is the chinstraps stitching that had been cut. It contained a liner which is sea man paper mid war production with only on laundry. No wonder this item got the highest bids in the list!

One more memorabilia of the World War II Hot Items that is difficult to find are the ones used with Navy Seals. The whole kit contains items which are very rare yet, in excellent condition. The kit has an MLCS deployment bag, Rhodesian Reconnaissance Vest, H-Gear, and Plate Carrier Vest with black buckles, M9 Double Mag Pouch, M9 Double Mag Pouch with inserted kyndex, Butt pack - Black Buckles, Medical Kit Pouch, Gas Mask Container, Utility Pouch, High Ride Holster SIG, Admin Pouch, MAP Pouch, and a small backpack. It also contains two pieces of M4 Single Mag Pouch, M4 Triple Mag Pouch,M9 Single Mag Pouch,  M9 Single Mag Pouch with inserted kyndex, Double Frag Grenade Pouch with Black Buckles, Double 40mm Grenade Pouch, Triple 40mm Grenade Pouch, Saw (M249) Ammo Pouch, Shoulder Pad. It has three pieces of M4 Double Mag Pouch, Pop Flare Pouch - Black Buckles, a rare MBITR Radio Pouch with black buckles. It also has four pieces of1 Quart Canteen Pouch, Single Frag Grenade Pouch - Black Buckles, M60 Ammunition Pouch - Black Buckles, and M14/SR25 Double Mag Pouch.

Be sure to check out the rest of the featured items below.

Click The Text Links To See What The Top Pieces Sold For
Item Title Click to See on eBay
Bids Rank
The Third Reich - 8 vol. of this rare documentary set - German History Germany                       1 #10
AN/PVS 7b GENIII Autogated Tube Mx10130d 1 #9
Eagle Industries MLCS Kit EUC Khaki , Black Buckles, Devgru, NAVY SEAL 40 #8
Japanese WW II Army officer's sword, gendai "Emura" * 19 #7
M1 Garand International Harvester IHC stock & matching handguards IHC 6 #6
Original USSR Russian Soviet Order of Lenin gold platinum LOW SERIAL # 49729 1 #5
Antique C.1830 Id'd Town Clerk Wig Powder Bellows & Horn W/ Toleware Case Rare! 1 #4
Real A/N Pvs 14 Gen Iii Usgi Issue Night Vision Monocular 1 #3
US WWII M1 Helmet - Original Medic Helmet! 28 #2
Huge Estate Sale Lot 43 Wwi World War 2nd Liberty Loan Bond Posters Ymca Victory 1 #1



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Friday, April 13, 2012

My eBay partner GunJin has a very compelling item listed this week that started with a super low minimum bid.  I'd like to share his description of this great piece as it tells a neat story of the items history.  You can view the item on eBay by clicking this link.

This is an extra special and extra rare Imperial Japanese Army soldier's senninbari flag. Flags are rare! Usually senninbari items are belts, vests and caps. This one really tugs on the heart strings too. The writing on the side reads ZOU OKAZAKI KOUZABUROU DONO SHIGAKEN HINO JINJOU KOUTOU SHOUGAKKOU SHOKUINJIDOU ICHIDOU (A Gift for Mr. Okazaki Kouzaburou from the children & staff of Shiga Prefecture Hino Elementary School). The flag is in mint condition, Mr. Okazaki no doubt took care of this gift. Some people don't realize but in most cases each stitch came from a different person, and there's 1000 stitches. Not an easy task to make one of these and to keep it nice and clean during the process of making. Each person's stitch was a "power" that would imbue the flag and help the soldier be protected from bullets and various harm. The flag is made from thick cotton and again, the condition is perfect. It measures 24 inches x 16.5 inches. It's an easy size to frame. Imagine this displayed in your home or office. Learn more about senninbari here: Win multiple auctions to save on shipping costs. Thank you and good luck bidding.

Again the item is listed on eBay at this link.


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Top Japanese Swords – A Weekly Chore

Monday, October 31, 2011

For those of us who don't collect Japanese swords there might be the temptation to let your eyes gloss over and say that if you've seen one sword you've seen them all.  Well don't tell that to a true collector because you will get an earful about the history and artisan work in these great pieces.  Every week I could probably fill a post about these swords but since its been a while I'll just go with these picks and leave it at that.

Click The Text Links To See What The Top Pieces Sold For
Bids eBay Item Title - Link to Auction Image Link
 1 Japanese Officer Samurai Sword NIHONTO Vet Bringback  
 23 Japanese sword, old family blade, "Nagayuki"  
 17 Japanese Naval officer`s sword, hand forged gendai "Yasutsugu"  
 25 Japanese Naval officer`s sword, hand forged gendai "Katsunaga"  
 21 Japanese WW II army officer`s sword "hot stamp Kanezane" gendai  

















































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Japanese WWII Officer Swords

Thursday, September 8, 2011

You can always tell how high the minimum bid was set in an auction by the number of bids that come in.  That is one reason why in the World War II Hot Finds I always include the number of bids because it tells you a lot about what happened in the auction.  Below I have five great auctions that closed recently on eBay in the Japan category of WWII.  As you can see most of these were competitive auctions that saw multiple bids.  You might want to click on either the text or image link to see that bidding pattern.  Its very possible that a sniper bid took home the prize.

Click The Text Links To See What The Top Pieces Sold For
Bids eBay Item Title - Link to Auction Image Link
30 Japanese WW II Army officer sword "Kagemitsu" 28" #E-2
2 WW2 Japanese Baby Nambu Holster w/strap (Original)
29 Japanese WW II Army officer's sword "Nagamitsu" 26 1/8"
24 Japanese Sword: 400 yo samurai sword-shingunto WWII



















































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