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January 2, 2013

This Vintage LACO Aviator WWII Navigation Watch watch was used in military Luftwaffe Pilots, but remained the privilege of Officers WWII. This watch is considered as one of the best and qualitative models. The given model of a watch it was made during WWII has a black dial and is a watch of the military sample. This watch has the beautiful original HIGHER-QUALITY movement with stop second. Also this watch has the movement which signed LACO. The watch has been restored, checked and calibrated by a master watchmaker and is in good running condition.

It was during the period 1936-1945 that LACO would gain its prominence and revered reputation for producing some of the finest clocks and watches to ever come out of Germany. Perhaps the most historically famous of the watches produced by LACO was the large Beobachter Uhr (observer watch) used by the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) before and during the Second World War.

Today, these watches are highly collectible both for their history as well as their fine movements and precision timekeeping abilities

The M-1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was an intermediate weapon, heavier than a rifle but lighter than a machine gun. It was intended to provide a high rate of fire with a rifle cartridge (machine-gun like) for at least one man in each infantry squad. But the BAR was so heavy it was difficult to fire from the shoulder while at the same time being too light to control in full automatic mode. Usually the largest man in the squad was assigned to the BAR since considerable physical strength was needed to manage it.

The M1918 is a selective fire, air-cooled automatic rifle using a gas-operated long-stroke piston rod actuated by propellant gases bled through a vent in the barrel. It feeds using double-column 20-round box magazines, although 40-round magazines were also used in an anti-aircraft role; these were withdrawn from use in 1927.

The real M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle was produced in 1940 and served as a light machine gun supporting US GIs and allies. Originally produced as an automatic rifle for assault troops, it became more popular as a light support weapon for infantry squads in World War II.  It was designed in 1917 by John Browning, it is gas-operated and air-cooled.

As for the rest of the hot 10 items of last week's auction, please click on the links below.

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WWII Japanese Big Eye Toko #1134 Binoculars-Philippines-15x80-4 Deg-Excellent 6 #10
Original WW2 Japanese NCO Sword Late War Wood Handle and Wood Scabbard 17 #9
Collectible Rare WW2 Japanese Naval Officer Flower Dirk Dagger Sword Scabbard 16 #8
Vintage LACO Aviator WWII Navigation Watch Germany Luftwaffe & Box 43 #7
M1918A2 Browning Bar Parts Kit WW2, Korean War 34 #6
ID'd WWII Airborne Paratrooper 509th & 517th Grouping, Patches, Dog Tags, Doc's 4 #5
Original WW2 Japanese NCO Sword Rare Copper Handle NCO with Scabbard 24 #4
Japanese Sword Gunto WW2 Seven Lives For My Country SP Order Blade. 21 #3
WWII US First Special Service Forces Devil's Brigade V-42 Knife w Long Scabbard 17 #2
Japanese WW II Army Officer's Sword, Gendai "Yoshimune" Mon, Colonel Tassel 32 #1

















































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