Drop It Like It’s Hot! Best 10 Sellers on eBay

March 31, 2014

Check out the Top Selling items from the biggest military category of eBay!  This run down shows you the number of bids and the rank in the Top 10.

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Item Title Click to See on eBay
Bids Rank
Rare Early USMC Thumb Print Dog Tags Pair 42 #10
Watch Ulysse Nardin Belonged to German Officer Afrika Corps 1941 42 #9
Vtg 1950's French Paratrooper Fighting Knife -Later used in Vietnam War -Combat 45 #8
Mens 1940s Movado Stainless Steel Borgel Case Vintage Swiss Military Watch 48 #7
US Army Signal Corps Vibroplex Type J-36 Telegraph Key Morse Code 1941 50 #6
US 16 inch M-1 Garand Bayonet Bayonette w/ Scabbard AFH 1942 1903A3 Springfield 52 #5
Jewish German Armband w. Yellow David Star fr. Auschwitz, Holocaust Dachau 52 #4
German DAK Afrika Korps Tropical Pith Helmet 57 #3
The Yamamoto Mission April 18, 1943 by Wible Signed by 9 of Pilots 60 #2
Russian Orders, Medals, Badges, Documents. 63 #1



















































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