Bidding Wars In The WWII Category (40+)

April 7, 2010

When you see an auction with forty or more bids what is usually happening is that a single bidder is responsible for 1/2 of those.  I like to call it the "dink" strategy of bidding.  You increase your bid by as little as $5 per bid hoping to just barely top out the high bidder.   The interesting about these auctions is that you can never predict which items will strike up a bidding war.  Take the top item in this list - who would think that the most competitive item in the category (based on bidding) would be a Swedish sling?  Go figure!  Here is something you can do just for run.  I arranged these five auctions by the # of bids they received.  Can you put them in order according to which ones sold for the most on eBay?  Do that in your head real fast and then click on the links to see if you can confirm the guess.  If you do well post it as a comment in response to this blog post.

Click The Text Links To See What The Top Pieces Sold For
Bids eBay Item Title - Link to Auction Image Link
61 Swedish Mauser M96 SHOOTER SLING w. front sight tool
54 Lot- 11 WWI / WWII .45 Clip Magazine Pouches Holsters
43 101st Airborne Bullion Patch WWII Paratrooper ORIGINAL
42 10 kt WWII U.S. Navy Ruby Ring Size 9 (10.4 grams)

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