USA Blades A Slice Above The Rest

April 21, 2010

Would you believe all of these great knives sold in the last week on eBay?  The two top selling items were strong enough to go for over $2500.  The bottom half of this Top-5 list was not as strong but even the low man on the totem pole sold for over $600.

Click The Text Links To See What The Top Pieces Sold For
Bids eBay Item Title - Link to Auction Image Link
21 WWII Blade Stamped ROBESON M3 Knife
24 US WWII V-42 V42 Case Stiletto Knife w/Scabbard bayonet
27 H Merrill Brown Knife WWII US Army Bowie Fighting Knife
1 Rare Original US WWII OSS Stilleto Fighting Knife
5 US Navy Divers Knife Made By KA-BAR

nice stuff i have a us ww2 kabar m1 fighting knife digger in better condion then yhe one on e-bay i was my grandpa’s are they rare? and who much are they worth? if some one could help me out

By william mackenzie on June 23rd, 2011 at 7:49 pm


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