April 13, 2012

My eBay partner GunJin has a very compelling item listed this week that started with a super low minimum bid.  I'd like to share his description of this great piece as it tells a neat story of the items history.  You can view the item on eBay by clicking this link.

This is an extra special and extra rare Imperial Japanese Army soldier's senninbari flag. Flags are rare! Usually senninbari items are belts, vests and caps. This one really tugs on the heart strings too. The writing on the side reads ZOU OKAZAKI KOUZABUROU DONO SHIGAKEN HINO JINJOU KOUTOU SHOUGAKKOU SHOKUINJIDOU ICHIDOU (A Gift for Mr. Okazaki Kouzaburou from the children & staff of Shiga Prefecture Hino Elementary School). The flag is in mint condition, Mr. Okazaki no doubt took care of this gift. Some people don't realize but in most cases each stitch came from a different person, and there's 1000 stitches. Not an easy task to make one of these and to keep it nice and clean during the process of making. Each person's stitch was a "power" that would imbue the flag and help the soldier be protected from bullets and various harm. The flag is made from thick cotton and again, the condition is perfect. It measures 24 inches x 16.5 inches. It's an easy size to frame. Imagine this displayed in your home or office. Learn more about senninbari here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senninbari Win multiple auctions to save on shipping costs. Thank you and good luck bidding.

Again the item is listed on eBay at this link.


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