WWII Veteran C.F. Norris

May 17, 2013

I came into contact with Rick Norris, son of C.F. Norris through a online WW2 flight simulator on the iPhone and iPad. We have been friends for over a year and he recently shared his Dads medals and story with me.

Here's my Dad's service ribbons from being in the Navy -1944-1946 - he was stationed in Saipan , working in the mail room, and driving the General's jeep, on the American side those years, and told me that P-51s and P-38s were landing and flying back out , 24/7, after being re-armed with bullets, rockets , and bombs. ;-D


He's had em in his footlocker for years, had never taken them out of their little  bags, I guess he thought it was time to show em on the wall now. He'll be 87 yrs old on 7/2/13 !! My brother & I ordered his cap online with the ship he served on goin to Saipan. It was originally an Italian luxury liner, lights and ornaments, big ball rooms, and all modified to be a troop & weapons carrier. LST stands for ,"Land / Sea Transport " . It had an anti-aircraft gun under a collapsible building on the front and rear of the ship, just in case of an air attack , and bow doors were installed to open up to pick up and deliver troops, tanks, munitions , K rations and supplies.  That USS ARTEMIS  LST AKA-21 ship  was supposed to go back to Pearl Harbor, and he was supposed to be on it, but last minute plans were made to stay on Saipan a while longer- but it got sunk in the Phillipian Sea by a Japanese sub !! I'm glad he didn't get on that ship !!!





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