WWII Top Of The Line Auctions

September 27, 2012

It's pretty neat that WWII top of the line auction in this rundown is the Unertl USMC Sniper Scope that has been sold out at $3.3K. TheUSMC Sniper Scope  seller described this item as either purchased unissued from U.S Government or was returned to J. Unertl Company and refurnished.

Gun brokers and collectors know that anytime you see a J. Unertl scope, it gets their attention. If it's on a military rifle original to it's period, the interest goes up exponentially. The USMC had their own sniper rifle based on the Springfield, in addition to the M1903A4 Springfield Rifle for snipers adopted by the Army. Building on successful experience with modified M1903 Springfields during World War I, the USMC adopted an M1903-A1 mounted with the Unertl 8x telescopic sight for sniper use in November 1943. The scope was marked "USMC SNIPER" and serialized from 1000 to 2775. This item has a serial of 1658. The scope came with a Micarta carrying case.

British WW2 Paratrooper BikeBSA Airborne paratrooper bicycles have become quite sought-after in recent years, and this one is in good operational order. If you fancy a genuine World War 2 vehicle, this model must surely represent the cheapest option. Military interest in bicycles arose in the 1890s, and the French army and others deployed folding bikes for bicycle infantry use. The British WWII Airborne BSA folding bicycle was used from 1939-1945 in the Second World War by British paratroopers. A folding bicycle was developed as a small size was needed to enable it to be taken on parachute jumps from aircraft. The bicycle was used by British paratroopers at the D-Day landings and at the Battle of Arnhem.

Check out the remaining top items from last week's completed listing.


Click The Text Links To See What The Top Pieces Sold For
Item Title Click to See on eBay
Bids Rank
POW SWORD ? of Rich Erskine 31 rediment NY captured paroled SWORD & Scabbard
16 #10
WW II German Sniper Scope 98k DIALYTAN 4X bek LSR ( Long Side Rail) 24 #9
Japanese WW II Naval Landing Force officer's Sword, Star Stamp "Kabetoshi" E 17 #8
Very Rare Russian Coast Artillery Short Sword p. 1810 13 #7
100% Original WW2 British BSA Airborne Paratrooper Folding Bike in Original Cond 29 #6
Revolutionary War Button 2 #5
8775 Alexandr Nevsky USSR CCCP Order Badge Medal Russian Soviet
2 #4
Pour Le Merite Blue Max Imperial German Medal
2 #3
Very Rare Lge KIA High Wood Group Medals Plaque Watch Papers London Regt 27 #2
Unertl USMC Sniper Scope WWII United States ~ MINT! 31 #1

















































Anytime you see a J. Unertl scope it has HIGH INTEREST. If it's on a military rifle original to it's period, the interest goes up exponentially.

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