Very Competitive World War II Russian Auctions

October 5, 2011

The Top 5 listings from the Russia subcategory of WWII on eBay feature highly competitive auctions.  The bidding magic that these listings got going was thanks to their low starting price.  Would you believe that all of these auctions sold for more than $2k while starting at less than $10.  The auctions garnered more than 30 bids which is also a really high number.  Click the links to see these listings close up.

Click The Text Links To See What The Top Pieces Sold For
Bids eBay Item Title - Link to Auction Image Link
35 Russian WW2 Gold Star For Heroism Numbered Medal  
33 Russian Order of Suvorov 3rd Class Medal
 34 Russian Order Of Bogdan Khmelnitsky 3rd Class Medal
39 Order of Suvorov № 278 RRR  
32 Russian Order of Lenin Numbered Medal  

















































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