World War II American Patches By the Trunk Load

October 19, 2011

One of the really fun things to try and sneak up and find on eBay is a great mixed lot that has lots of poorly photographed items with tremendous value.  That's why when you look at the bidding pattern in a few of these auctions you will see that a lot of people had the same idea.  Its easy to see why these type of listings end up on eBay all the time now.  You have a whole nation of people going to estate sales, storage shed auctions and the like.  When they get these groupings in an old footlocker they don't have that proprietary knowledge that a deal has.  So they lump in one lot and throw themselves at the mercy of the bidding audience.  Click on these links and see how you think they did.

Click The Text Links To See What The Top Pieces Sold For
Bids eBay Item Title - Link to Auction Image Link
 24 11th Airborne Grouping patches photos and documents
44 Military Patches Large Lot 366 Total Patches
1 CBI Blood Chit ~ Early CATF / 14th Air Force  
15 Killer Real Felt On Felt 2nd Division 6th Marine Regt
 22 18th Corps Armored Ghost Patch



















































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